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Welcome to the Arizona Wing Chun Association. Our goal is simple: Bring the martial art of Wing Tsun Kuen to as many as possible in an easy, convenient way.

​From Siu-Nim-Tau to Bart-Cham-Dao, section 1 of every form is displayed on our Forms & Applications section, plus various drills.

​The AWCA offers a complete line of Wing Tsun training workbooks (eBooks) for all levels of practitioners.

​For those wanting to get more involved, our Distance Learning Program reaches thousands of members around the world.

​Check out our YouTube channel for helpful videos, plus our popular Video of the Month series.

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​For our Distance Learning Program members, click here for quick access to your programs.

​I've worked with Sifu Phil for a number of years and finding the AWCA is one of the best things that's ever happened for my training.

AWCA member, Oahu, Hawaii

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