Volume 5: Muk-Yan-Chong

Volume 5: Muk-Yan-Chong

The "Wooden Dummy" Form of Wing Tsun Kuen (1rst edition)

by Phil Bradley

Price: $19.99

Direct download, Windows EXE format

Volume 5: Muk-Yan-Chong is currently under production. It will be available after Volume 4: Biu-Tze is made available, and it will also be in the Kindle format.

About This Publication

Volume 5: Muk-Yan-Chong is a unique phase of Wing Tsun training in which a training aid fashioned from wood is utilized to emulate an opponent. This inanimate object creates a variety of positive attributes to our training, including developing short-range explosive power, working within confined distances, uniting the upper and lower bodies for a sound structure, and overcoming rebound.


  • The complete Muk-Yan-Chong form (8 sections).
  • 3-step training drills for all of the wooden dummy's applications and drills.
  • In-depth discussions to bring out the keypoints of wooden dummy training.
  • google-wallet
    Step-by-step lesson plans for all eight sections.

Get ready for some great training, because when Volume 5: Muk-Yan-Chong is released, your Wing Tsun will become brand new all over again. This is by far the most in-depth training workbook we have ever created, not to mention the most voluminous. It will surely set the standard for all wooden dummy curriculums, and I will make an announcement via our website, YouTube and Facebook channels for the latest news when we get closer to a release date.

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