Volume 4: Biu-Tze

Volume 4: Biu-Tze

The "Thrusting-Fingers" Training of Wing Tsun Kuen (1rst edition)

by Phil Bradley

Price: $19.99

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Volume 4: Biu-Tze is currently under production. It will also be the first publication in our eBook Training Series that will be available in the Kindle format.

About This Publication

Volume 4: Biu-Tze is Wing Tsun’s third empty-hand form. And in keeping with the scope of the eBook Training Series, Volume 4 includes all of the features you are used to seeing in previous volumes for progressive learning of this unique skill set.


Volume 4: Biu-Tze
  • The complete Biu-Tze form.
  • 3-step training drills for all of Biu-Tze's applications and drills.
  • In-depth discussions to bring out the keypoints of Biu-Tze training.
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    Step-by-step lesson plans for all three sections.

When available, Volume 4: Biu-Tze will continue your Wing Tsun journey through the eBook Training Series, as well as answering many questions that a lot of practitioners have concerning this unique curriculum. I hope you will join us as we push forward in examining this exciting art. I am working diligently to bring it to you just as quickly as possible, so stay tuned for its release. It will be worth the wait.

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