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Volume 3: Chi-sau

The "Sticking-hands" Training of Wing Tsun Kuen

Volume 3: Chi-sau

Chi-sau, or Sticking-hands, is the act of training the arms how to immediately determine the direction and power of an attack once contact is made. Knowing what the opponent is doing before the attack fully executes allows us to cut off the attack in mid-action. In this way, the attack is intercepted before it completes with full power.

In essence, the opponent is “telling” us what he is doing.

There are a few good publications and videos on the market that illustrate what Chi-sau is about, as well as a few others that take you through some of its training. But let’s be realistic for a moment.

How much time do you have to scour the Internet to locate every source for Chi-sau? Lap-sau and Chi-gerk also go hand-in-hand with Chi-sau, but other resources do not include it.

And that's where Volume 3: Chi-sau comes in.

Volume 3: Chi-sau is a feature-rich set of four complete workbooks that teach you step-by-step not only single and double-arm Chi-sau, but also Lap-sau and Chi-gerk. These curriculums go hand-in-hand with each other in order to immediately respond to any attack without thinking about it.

Chi-sau begins with single-arm, or Chi-Dan-sau. Here we learn the concept of sticking using one arm at a time so that we can focus on the intricacies that Chi-sau brings out. We then graduate to stepping forwards, backwards, and sideways in order to dissipate force, redirect it, and borrow that force in order to dictate our response.

When single-arm is competent, we graduate to double-arm, and let me tell you, this is when it really gets fun!

After learning to roll both arms is competent, we delve into various sections in order to learn angles, pressure, explosive force, direction, and different scenarios common to today's fighting environments. This is then translated to real fighting drills vs. just rolling.

Along the way, we explore the various Lap-sau sections that evolve, and we also work a great deal of Chi-gerk so that you become one complete unit vs. merely a collection of parts. In short, by the time you complete Volume 3: Chi-sau, you will be on auto-pilot vs. ever having to think about what to do or wonder how you will respond. You will simply do it without thinking about it.

Volume 3 Part 1

Part 1: Chi-dan-sau

Single-arm Sticking-hand

ESBN 24245-120209-133826-22

Part 1: Chi-dan-sau introduces you to the world of Sticking-hands. Here you will learn how to position your arm for interpreting the many actions that result in attacks and defenses, as well as the footwork used for absorbing and deflecting force.

  • 26 narrated full & slow-motion videos
  • 82 full-color photos
  • In-depth discussion of concepts & theories
  • Preparation for Chi-sheung-sau and double-arm rolling
Volume 3 Part 2

Part 2: Chi-sheung-sau

Double-arm Sticking-hand

ESBN 24245-120209-151835-58

Part 2: Chi-sheung-sau (also known as Luk-sau) continues your Chi-sau training by introducing the double-arm curriculum. From basic rolling to rolling with force, from stepping to the seven primary attacks and defenses, Chi-sheung-sau is the epitome of taking your Wing Tsun skills to the next level.

  • 30 narrated full & slow-motion videos
  • 93 full-color photos
  • Sections 1-7: Chi-sau attack & defense sequences
  • In-depth discussion of concepts & theories
  • Preparation for Lap-sau training
Volume 3 Part 3

Part 3: Lap-sau

Deflecting-arm Training

ESBN 24245-120209-165609-19

In tandem with Chi-dan-sau and Chi-sheung-sau, you will also learn Lap-sau, or Deflecting-arm. Part 3: Lap-sau takes you through this training phase by introducing the Lap-sau drill and graduating to the six primary attacks and defenses.

  • 26 narrated full & slow-motion videos
  • 90 full-color photos
  • Sections 1-6: Lap-sau attack & defense sequences
  • In-depth discussion of concepts & theories
Volume 3 Part 4

Part 4: Chi-gerk

Sticking-legs Training

ESBN 24245-120209-170858-03

Part 4: Chi-gerk culminates our training by examining the basics of how to integrate the Sticking-legs concept into your Chi-sau and Lap-sau training, as well as how to work it into your sparring and fight training.

  • 26 narrated full & slow-motion videos
  • 75 full-color photos
  • Sections 1-4: Chi-gerk attack & defense sequences
  • In-depth discussion of concepts & theories

Volume 3: Chi-sau closes the gap between thinking about something and simply doing it. There are hundreds of fighting systems, as well as thousands of styles. It is impossible to know every defense for every possible encounter, and as it happens, it is also not necessary.

Chi-sau allows a Wing Tsun practitioner to respond to any given attack instantly with precision, explosion, and relaxed action that will put the odds back in your favor.

Gregory K.Brighton, England

SiFu Phil… I’ve always wanted to learn Chi-sau but couldn’t afford private lessons. However, getting a few friends involved as training partners and having a go with Volume 3: Chi-sau is a remarkable experience. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you’ve helped me realize my dream of learning Chi-sau and what it’s all about. Thank You!!

WingTsun practitionerPhoenix, Arizona
(name withheld by request)

Phil… I have every Chi-sau related publication and video out there, and without a doubt Volume 3: Chi-sau is the BEST. I cherish my own grandmaster’s Chi-sau publications but admittedly they still leave you with questions. Yours? You go right to the heart of things and bring out qualities that Chi-sau truly represents. More! More!! MORE!!!

Marco V.Venice, Italy

Dear Phelipe… After finishing up reading all four workbooks of your excellent Volume 3: Chi-sau, I have to tell you that Volume 3 is far under-priced for what you deliver! I have your other publications so I already knew it would be more than worth it, but this one? You should seriously consider raising the price. You have to be losing out by providing such an intense series as such a low price.

Ving Tsun practitionerLondon, England
(name withheld by request)

Phil… Volume 3: Chi-sau has kept me up for almost 2 days while going through the curriculums and videos. I simply couldn’t stop reading! To think, now everyone has the opportunity of learning Chi-sau and Lap-sau without having to search tons of Internet sites or spend thousands of pounds (or “dollars” for those across the pond) for lessons. I can’t use just one word to describe it. Unbelievable! Remarkable! What else can I say?

30 Day No Questions Asked
100% Money Back Guarantee

I stand behind every product and service we create. That’s why I offer a complete 30 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let me know within 30 days and you will receive a full refund. No muss, no fuss, and no questions asked.

Special Bonus
"How To Train Wing Chun Kuen"

Value: $19.95

Chapter 1: The Five Stages of Learning
Understanding the five stages of learning and how to take a simple process for applying it to any level of training.

Chapter 2: Forms Training
Forms training is more than just mimicking what you see; instead, there are a variety of elements that can help you get the most from your efforts if you know about them. With this chapter, you will.

Chapter 3: Specialized Training
Utilizing Chi-sau, Lap-sau and Chi-gerk during sparring sessions.

Chapter 4: Creating Power
Still having problems generating the kind of jack-hammer hitting power you know you should be? That will be a thing of the past after working through this chapter.

Chapter 5: Staying Relaxed
Wing Tsun requires a calm, relaxed, explosive nature in order to deliver our fighting methods. Here you will learn how to remain relaxed throughout your rigorous training and sparring sessions.

Chapter 6: Reality vs. Classroom
Many have approached their training from an unrealistic viewpoint, working dangerous and unworkable actions in the gym and thinking it will work in real life. In this chapter, I’ll show you how to keep your training at a realistic level so that you don’t fall into the trap of training something in a way that can see you hurt when you really need it.

A video-based eBook is expensive in its own right, but four? Market research indicates that as a set, the entire platform is easily valued at over $160.00 due to the amount of extensive information offered. But like our previous workbooks, what good is a training platform if it's so expensive that few could afford it?

But even if offered individually at our normal $19.95 each, that is still $79.80. Again, that's a heckuva deal and one that I believe is more than worth it. Still, I want to make it available to as many as possible so that everyone can experience Chi-sau, Lap-sau, and Chi-gerk first-hand.

So you will not see it for $160.00. In fact, you will not even see it for $120.00, $100.00, or even $79.80. Right now, you can experience Wing Tsun's phenomenal Chi-sau training curriculum for only


Note: Volume 3 is undergoing MAJOR updates with enhanced content and expanded sections, so at present it is not available. However, it will be available again as soon as possible. When ready, I'm confident that it will be worth the wait.

Purchase Volume 3: Chi-sau right now for only $19.95 and get into your reserved training package. It will be one of the best training decisions you ever made or your money back. With four full publications to train with, this will be one of the highlights of your training career.

Sifu Phil Bradley
Phil Bradley

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Volume 3: Chi-sau ($19.95)

Note: Volume 3 is undergoing MAJOR updates with enhanced content and expanded sections, so at present it is not available. However, it will be available again as soon as possible. When ready, the purchase button will replace this message.

Volume 3: Chi-sau

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