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Volume 2: Chum-Kiu

The "Arm-Seeking" Form of Wing Tsun Kuen

Volume 2: Chum-Kiu

You've completed the Siu-Nim-Tau and now you are ready to move on. The next level of training teaches explosive turning, kicking, jamming and trapping, as well as elbow attacks, knee defenses, and responding to multiple opponents.

The next phase of training is now available in Volume 2: Chum-Kiu.

The Chum-Kiu curriculum teaches a Wing Tsun practitioner how to “seek out” his/her opponent vs. letting the opponent come to them. We go around, through, over, or under the opponent’s defenses in order to take advantage of the “holes” in their structure.

And rest assured that Volume 2 compliments Volume 1: Siu-Nim-Tau in every way.

Volume 2: Chum-Kiu continues where Volume 1: Siu-Nim-Tau left off by exploring how to take the fight to the opponent. Working Wing Tsun's three primary kicks, adding elbows with explosive turning and torquing to drive the attacker back, and exploding into him with the full force you can produce is what Chum-Kiu was created for.

Volume 2 Forms Training

39 Narrated Videos

Almost 70 MB of narrated full and slow-motion videos takes you step-by-step through real-time Wing Tsun training in the Chum-Kiu. Train at your own pace, pause, rewind, and play over and over.

Additionally, over 272 front and side-facing photos of the form will show you every arm and body angle of this fundamental training from two angles. Each step in the process also includes narrative text to point out the key training positions as you master the Chum-Kiu form.

Volume 2 Drills & Applications

Intuitive 3-Step Drills

​Realistic drills and applications for today’s scenarios with step-by-step progression, as well as checkpoints along the way to ensure that each key area is addressed.

Volume 2 Concepts & Theories

Concepts & Theories

Understanding the “why’s” behind a movement vs. just the movement itself gives you more insight about what the Chum-Kiu accomplishes, helping you progress efficiently.

Volume 2 Checkpoints


Checkpoints and evaluations along the way point out the most important elements. No more guesswork if what you are doing is right or needs work.

Volume 2: Chum-Kiu was created as both a learning platform and a reference manual so that all levels of practitioners can benefit from it. From beginner to advanced practitioner, it can be used from the ground up as an introduction to Wing Tsun, as well as a full reference after the Chum-Kiu has been completed.

In tandem with Volume 2, I also recommend Volume 3: Chi-sau. But even after Volume 2 has been completed, don't think that you'll never return to it. It will serve as a constant reference manual with a clear index to find anything you need quickly and efficiently.

AWCA DLP MemberSouth Africa
(name withheld by request)

SiFu Phil… I’ve gone through every section of Volume 2: Chum-Kiu and all I can say is WOW! The new format is much clearer than the previous version, and the lesson plans you included will help keep me on track. I also love the fact that you included a testing section so we can see first-hand what we’ve learned and what needs more work. Great job!

Mike G.Little Rock, Arkansas

There’s no doubt that a lot of work has gone into this project. The videos are good quality and they also simulate realistic scenarios (unlike the drills seen instructional materials by others). The lesson structure has a good flow with meaningful explanations. It is my personal experience that Volume 2: Chum-Kiu not only helps you think about what you are doing, but also helps you execute it during stressful situations.

David Holt Phoenix, Arizona

I’ve been training with SiFu Phil for quite a few years now, and his resources continue to improve. Whereas most materials are a one-time deal and then forgotten, SiFu Phil continuously works to make them better. Volume 2: Chum-Kiu is one more step towards his vision of providing a full-featured reference for Wing Chun training, and I know that HIS efforts will assist YOUR efforts.

Wing Tsun practitioner Germany
(name withheld by request)

Phil… I’ve studied the new Volume 2: Chum-Kiu in detail, and in a word? WHOA! I can easily talk about it because I have most of the WC/VT/WT books and videos on the market, and yours are the only ones I can actually learn from. People pick things up here and there, but for realistic step-by-step training? Hands down, Volume 2: Chum-Kiu can’t be compared to anything else out there. It’s that good!

Ving Tsun practitioner United Kingdom
(name withheld by request)

From what I’ve seen so far, Volume 2: Chum-Kiu is AWESOME! The form is very close to what I originally learned, with only a few minor differences. What I didn’t learn, though, were the various drills and applications as you present them for today’s real fighting situations. I’m looking forward to training them!.

30 Day No Questions Asked
100% Money Back Guarantee

I stand behind every product and service we create. That’s why I offer a complete 30 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let me know within 30 days and you will receive a full refund. No muss, no fuss, and no questions asked.

Special Bonus
"How To Train Wing Chun Kuen"

Value: $19.95

Chapter 1: The Five Stages of Learning
Understanding the five stages of learning and how to take a simple process for applying it to any level of training.

Chapter 2: Forms Training
Forms training is more than just mimicking what you see; instead, there are a variety of elements that can help you get the most from your efforts if you know about them. With this chapter, you will.

Chapter 3: Specialized Training
Utilizing Chi-sau, Lap-sau and Chi-gerk during sparring sessions.

Chapter 4: Creating Power
Still having problems generating the kind of jack-hammer hitting power you know you should be? That will be a thing of the past after working through this chapter.

Chapter 5: Staying Relaxed
Wing Tsun requires a calm, relaxed, explosive nature in order to deliver our fighting methods. Here you will learn how to remain relaxed throughout your rigorous training and sparring sessions.

Chapter 6: Reality vs. Classroom
Many have approached their training from an unrealistic viewpoint, working dangerous and unworkable actions in the gym and thinking it will work in real life. In this chapter, I’ll show you how to keep your training at a realistic level so that you don’t fall into the trap of training something in a way that can see you hurt when you really need it.

As with Volume 1, years of training, years of experience, and years of meticulous documentation were experienced in order to make this workbook possible. A workbook like this is well worth over $75.00, but I believe that training should be kept affordable. After all, if it’s so expensive that few could afford it, then what good does it do?

So you will not see it for $75.00. In fact, you will not even see it for $65.00, $55.00 or even $25.00. Right now, you can experience Wing Tsun's intermediate curriculum in its entirety for only


Purchase Volume 2: Chum-Kiu right now to experience this phenomenal intermediate training that propels your Siu-Nim-Tau lessons even further. It will be one of the best training decisions you ever made or your money back.

Sifu Phil Bradley
Phil Bradley

Purchase Volume 2: Chum-Kiu

Minimum System Requirements

Volume 2: Chum-Kiu is a digital download in a Windows EXE-formatted file, not a physical book you would receive in the mail. It was built for the Windows operating system and is not compatible with iPad, iPhone, Kindle or other smart phone/devices (although a Kindle version is currently being created). It is not directly compatible with Apple products, but Macs that have OS X 10.6.8 or later using a Mac app called Winebottler can run our eBooks.

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD): 90 MB minimum
  • Memory (RAM): 4 MB minimum, 8 MB recommended
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.01 or higher (some components of the compiler use IE modules not found in other browsers)

Volume 2: Chum-Kiu ($19.95)

Volume 2: Chum-Kiu

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Results vary with each individual and your results may or may not be different from those depicted. No promises, guarantees, or warranties should be implied that you will produce the same results as those mentioned as a result of purchasing and/or using this product. Your efforts are individual and unique and they may vary from those shown. Your success depends on your efforts and motivation.