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Posted by in General | February 8, 2012

for New Weblog

FYI… With our new site, all users will need to re-register in order to post comments. My apologies for those that just did that a couple of weeks ago but it could not be helped.

Also, remember that you can link to your own photo, avatar, etc, for your posts. It helps make things a bit more personal for you and lets others get more involved if they see a pic.

About the Author – Phil Bradley

Phil is the founder and head instructor of the Arizona Wing Chun Association, Peoria, Arizona USA. Training since June 1985 and teaching since March 1993, Phil has worked with a variety of well-known instructors and masters from the United States and Europe. In addition to the AWCA, Phil is an IT professional in the mainframe and server/networking industry. He is also a technical writer and eLearning media creator since 1995. He has written numerous books, articles, and training programs on Wing Tsun, as well as operational standards and on-demand training programs for the IT, medical, health/fitness and corporate security professions. Phil is married, has three daughters, one dog and a parrot that likes to answer the phone. But she does it with an English accent of "'ello." Go figure.

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