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Arizona Wing Chun Association

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Sifu Phil Bradley writes all eBooks presented on AWCAOnline. From basic reports to full-featured Wing Tsun training curriculums, the AWCA eBooks section has something for everyone and continues to grow.

Distance Learning Program

For those that do not have schools or instructors in their area, to those that “do” but do not want to train in the lineage that is available, the AWCA’s Distance Learning Program is here to help. Many have attempted to duplicate our program delivery but none have succeeded because in addition to teaching Wing Tsun, SiFu Phil Bradley is also a professional distance learning educator versed in multiple formats.

Training Programs

Looking for some structure in your daily training routines? Our free Training Programs were created to assist a practitioner for specific levels of Wing Tsun training, as well as basic, intermediate and advanced fitness training.


Every month a brand new video is posted on our YouTube channel. Topics change based on a pre-created format but if you have a specific drill or topic you would like to see addressed, feel free to contact Sifu Phil.


Check out the AWCA's Facebook page for interesting and useful Wing Tsun training, as well as to connect to other WT/WC/VT practitioners from around the world.