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Strategic Wing Tsun

What Works, What Doesn't & Why

Strategic Wing Chun

Strategic Wing Tsun was previously available but is being moved to a new format, as well as being heavily upgraded. Although I do not have an ETA for availability, it should ready again sometime in 2017.

About This Publication

Strategic Wing Tsun is a collection of real-life experiences I have encountered as a result of various occupations over the years. From Personal Protection Specialist to military service – as well as starting and operating the AWCA – quite a few instances have resulted where I have had to rely on Wing Tsun for personal protection.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Why "Strategic" Wing Tsun?

1.2 A High-Speed Game of Chess

Chapter 2: Mindset & Physical Conditioning

2.1 Proper Mindset

2.2 Visualization

2.3 Physical Conditioning for Wing Tsun

Chapter 3: Basic Training

3.1 Upper Body Attacks & Defenses

3.2 Lower Body Attacks & Defenses

3.3 Grappling Defense

3.4 Takedown Defense

3.5 Ground Fighting

Chapter 4: Attire

4.1 A Night on the Town

4.2 Grocery Stores & Public Establishments

4.3 Gym Challenges

4.4 The Corporate Environment

Chapter 5: Multiple Opponents

5.1 Single vs. Multiple Unarmed Opponents

5.2 Single vs. Multiple Armed Opponents

Chapter 6: Weapons Defense

6.1 Emotional Shock

6.2 Unarmed vs. Armed: Stick/Baton

6.3 Unarmed vs. Armed: Knife

6.4 Unarmed vs. Armed: Firearm

The latest upgrade will encompass step-by-step discussions of these instances, as well as in-depth analysis as to what worked, what didn’t, why, and how I trained to compensate for the lessons learned during these situations. With a full photo analysis to replicate this training, Strategic Wing Tsun will afford you real-world training for today’s environments.