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Fitness Training for Wing Tsun

90 Day In-Home Wing Tsun Boot Camp

Fitness Training for Wing Chun

Fitness Training for Wing Tsun is currently under production. Although I do not have an ETA for availability, it should ready sometime in late 2017.

About This Publication

Wing Tsun is phenomenal for fighting, but because the art is so efficient, sometimes we do not get the same physical conditioning benefits that our counter-parts in other methods do. Because of that, one of the only ways we can get in good physical shape is through sparring (a great way, of course, but sometimes not always practical with each and every class).

Fitness Training for Wing Tsun takes my years of experience investigating a plethora of exercise programs and routines, and compares them side-by-side with how they can affect your Wing Tsun training.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Fitness Programs

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Power90

1.3 P90X

1.4 Kettleworx

1.5 TapoutXT

1.6 Les Mills PUMP

Chapter 2: Phase I - Beginner Level (30 Days)

2.1 Strength Training

2.2 Endurance Training

2.3 Nutrition

Chapter 3: Phase II - Intermediate Level (30 Days)

3.1 Strength Training

3.2 Endurance Training

3.3 Nutrition

Chapter 4: Phase III - Advanced Level (30 Days)

4.1 Strength Training

4.2 Endurance Training

4.3 Nutrition

Chapter 5: Tracking & Maintenance

5.1 Tracking Your Results

5.2 Maintaining Your Fitness Level

5.3 Blank Training Charts

In addition to a variety of strength and endurance routines, I also outline various nutritional programs (both commercial and personal) in showing what I have found to be beneficial – as well as harmful – to our Wing Tsun performance. With programs from Certified Fitness Trainers (CFT) and Specialists in Martial Arts Conditioning (SMAC) via the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), these programs revolve around proven methods and industry-standard principles to quickly bring you the fastest results possible.